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No charismatic leader to manipulate you into buying and never selling. Badgers are teammates. Every individual Badger is the most fearless animal on earth. As a team they're unstoppable. We're fighting a good fight by innovating utility.


✅ $Badger Hybrid was fairly launched via free NFT mint (sold out in 24 hours)

✅ Anybody could mint for free with no whitelist, special privileges or insiders.

✅ No venture capital involved so zero mega whales to dump on you eventually.

✅ Not a single $ paid to influencers. Just a steady organic growth, as it should be.

✅ The core team even forever burned half of the liquidity pool, making it rugpull-proof.

✅ Community, fair distribution and decentralization are not just words for us $Badgers


$Badgers are all about utility. Once you understand this, there's no coming back. You simply won't be able to buy another token or NFT without our hybrid mechanism inside. Here's why... Tokens usually have no utility. New ones just come and go. NFTs are extremely illiquid. You have to buy 1 whole NFT (what if you don't have enough $$$), and once you wanna sell, you have to sell the whole NFT again. Enter $Badger hybrid

It's called NFTxTOKEN mechanism. And it's genius. Both NFTs and tokens have limited supply. That's why, as community grows and demand for these NFTs increases, they appreciate in value. Nothing new so far, but... 1 NFT can be freely swapped into 10.000 $Badger tokens and vice versa. This (apart multiple use-cases) creates upward price pressure

Imagine you own 🦡 1 NFT. It moved 10x in price. You want to take partial profits (taking initial investment out). With ordinary NFT, you would be forced to sell it all at once. With $Badger hybrid NFT, you just swap your NFT instantly into 10.000 $Badger tokens, and sell only 1.000 of them

By doing so, you achieved two things:

(1) took partial profits, while keeping the price exposure with the rest. (2) you sold your 1000 $Badger tokens into the hands of many people. This makes it 
harder for any individual to re-collect all 10.000 $Badger tokens to swap back to 1 NFT, making the NFT deflationary! Deflationary assets tend to appreciate even more, due to increased scarcity. So via our hybrid tech you were able to take partial profit (never possible before) while directly increasing the value of your remainder. 

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Published: 19/02/2024

Last Updated: February 2024

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